Fresher Tape Is Better.

Product shelf life. It happens to food products. It happens to all adhesives.

Depending on how you look at it, (fortunately) old evidence tape doesn’t start to stink when it goes bad…it just quietly loses its tack and adhesion. (A potential killer when you’re trying to achieve a tamper proof seal and maintain a tight chain of custody.)

Pressure sensitive adhesives can last anywhere from a pre-determined life of as low as 6 months to up to 2 years. That is under ideal storage conditions. Studies have shown that under extremes (like in the trunk of your car in July or in February) unbonded adhesive layers become dried out, brittle and virtually tack-free…in a matter of weeks.

Plain and simple, fresher tape sticks better.

But how do you tell which strip of tape is any better (or fresher) than another…and how do you mark it without calling attention from the world (and the defense) about a potential shelf life issue?

We now covertly, secretly and invisibly place a special security code on our white stripe tapes and labels that identifies when the tape was produced…and we place it at set intervals throughout each roll.

To read the code, you simply shine a cheap (or expensive) black light on the tape. If you need one…cheap or expensive…we can help you out. (Incidentally, we are printing this security message at no extra charge.)

Under UV light the code appears…for example, CERTIFIED 1012. This means that this tape was produced sometime during the 10th month (October) of 2012. Under ideal storage conditions (less than 70 degrees in a dry and dark area) you should be safe to use the pressure sensitive product up to two years beyond this date.

This does not apply to tape or labels that have already been adhered to a surface or package (evidence bag for example.)

So there’s no real need to panic. There is a shelf life (in its unapplied form) and there is a functional life (once applied to a package). Functional life can range from 5, 10, 20 years or more in some instances if the item is stored in ideal conditions.

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Tape under normal white light.

Tape under UV light.

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*U.S. Patent Pending and applied for